We are happy to announce the result of the second edition of the #WBIS Business Awards organized during the Wine Business Innovation Summit 2014 in Munich. 24 startups applied for the contest, the pre-selection kept 8 of them, here are the first 3 based on the jury’s vote (Robert Joseph, Jan Kennedy, Etienne Verbist, Philippe Hugon & Anne-Victoire Monrozier).

1 – SMART WINE GLASS : Wine events are all about connecting producers and wine consumers. Using a simple wine glass we’re making it easy for consumers to get information and know where to buy the wines from the producers they most liked at a wine event. For producers we’re creating a new direct communications channel and valuable information source with the people who visit them.

2 – WINE WITH SPIRIT : Do you know any wine that exists just to cool down emotions after a betrayal is found? Or to invite someone for a romantic dinner? Or to start a revolution of values? Or even to say to the love of your life that you will stay together forever? This is the Wine With Spirit concept, which seeks, above all, to take people to drink wine not due to its technical characteristics but due to the emotions they are feeling. So, for instance, if I am in love, there is a wine for that, Dine With Me Tonight. But if I am furious with my boyfriend, boss, Troika, ruler, etc., there is Bastardo! which was created to exorcise all the anger that I am feeling. Concepts that arise from the connection between our emotions and the wine we drink. But apart from emotions, there is undoubtedly a crucial factor at Wine With Spirit which is the tremendous quality of the wine we bottle. Wine With Spirit has a completely different approach to the marketing of wines since it does not sell only wine but “bottled emotions”. The strategy we used was to be associated, in the first place, with aspirational places that in some way have a positioning which is similar to ours, i.e., young, irreverent, innovative and close to their audience. We wanted to make the act of drinking a real experience and that is why our first points of sale in Lisbon were: Bairro Alto Hotel, Hotel da Estrela and Bénard; at Oporto: the Cafeína Group (Fooding House and Terra), Creme, Motel Afrodite and Sushinaka and in Brazil: Cais do Oriente and Porto Bay, among others.

3 – WINEDATASYSTEM – WineDataSystem is the first application and software dedicated to the wine trade. Thanks to WineDataSystem the update and spreading of product catalog has never been so simple. Clients can easily access product sheets in the catalogue and make requests regarding availability and price. Winesreps can manage multiple-product offers by email, tracking and statistics are included as well as an iPad application.

This was great fun and we are already looking forward the next edition