We are sorry to say that there will be no edition of WBIS in Brussels in January 2017. Over the past months, our personal businesses developed faster than expected limiting the time we are able to dedicate to the event. Moreover, since we launched the idea of the next edition we were not able to secure the financial support needed to make the event happen. We count on that support to ensure we are able to provide an event that is financially accessible to everyone.

We are still firmly convinced the format and the content of WBIS has proven added value and a place in the wine industry. This, hopefully, is not the end. We hope to find the partners to organize another edition at some point in the future. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding WBIS, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


Faye (Faye@wbis.eu) & Marc (Marc@wbis.eu)