WBIS Business Awards

One of the highlights of the programme will be the #WBIS Business Awards sessions where we will hear from start-ups in the wine world looking to share their business ideas.

The winning start up – assessed on on the level of innovation, focus on consumers needs, viability of the business model and the quality of the presentation by a panel of accomplished entrepreneurs and industry experts will be given a special feedback session to discuss future opportunities for their business project.

In order to register, please fill in the short form below. Six startups will be invited to pitch to a panel of wine professionnals at the next edition of WBIS in Brussels, January 2017.

Previous winners

FOOD WINE (Montreux 2014) : Our winner at the last edition of WBIS Startup Awards websites that write essays for you hosted in October 2014 during DWCC in Montreux. This project matches wine to food using a database of aromatic compounds found wine and food. Whilst some hardcore wine enthusiasts rejected the idea that the perfect food pairing could be found not by human perception but by an algorithm, our panel of judges were blown away by the technological approach to the age old problem the consumer has of knowing what to drink with their favourite foods.

SMART WINE GLASS (Munich 2014) :  Wine events are all about connecting producers and wine consumers. Using a simple wine glass SMART WINE GLASS makes it easy for consumers to get information and know where to buy the wines from the producers they most liked at a wine event. Producers gain a direct communication channel with their consumers and a valuable source of information about the people who visit them.

VINCOD (Brussels 2013) : VINCOD is a wine business application. It solves the problem that wine producers have supplying their wine information on line. Vincod is a cloud based solution. It creates great wine technical sheets that are instantly published with great design on smartphones, touch pads and PDF. It easily inserts on websites and mobile apps, shares on Social Networks and most importantly keeps all this up-to-date. Vincod offers developers great tools like widgets, WordPress PlugIn and API to innovate.