3 UNNATURAL INTELLIGENCE INSTRUMENTS TO HELP THROUGH COLLEGE PREP  The modern day’s guest article is through GoSchoolWise, an exciting new website supplying free resources to help together with college cooking. Is this college a good accommodate for my child? Do we have a balanced college variety? How much may college price tag us? If perhaps these are the very questions you might be asking yourself, there exists good news. Bright computer known as IBM Watson (the personal pc that combat humans for Jeopardy) is helping answer these thoughts for several thousand parents today at GoSchoolWise. com. GoSchoolWise. com provides 3 equipment that use classy algorithms to support answer the exact questions you were wondering. The great news is all these gear are free regarding high school students and the parents. College Individuality Fit Resource: The program has analyzed over 600 US colleges and outlined personality traits associated with students for those classes. Example: Examples of the personality traits with Georgia Computer students usually are: Unselfish, Then go with the flow, Thoughtful, and so on Some attributes for students within Columbia Higher education are: Unbiased, Change-Agent, Direct etc . Often the tool will analyze your kid’s essay or even Tweets to build up her/his personality traits and identifies their individuality fit with each and every school onto your schools listing. In addition to grounds visits the tool can give you a unique view how clearly your child can fit in in the particular class. […]