Wine Business Innovation Summit

The Wine Business Innovation Summit is where the wine industry meet to identify and discuss innovative and disruptive approaches to business. Technological innovations and changes in consumer habits create new marketing, communication and business opportunities. The event centers on how to use them to gain exposure and grow wine sales.

What’s going on ?

WBIS Awards : startup registration is open

June 19th, 2016|

One of the highlights of the programme will be the #WBIS Business Awards sessions where we will hear from start-ups in the wine world looking to share their business ideas. The winning start up – assessed on on the level of innovation, focus on consumers needs, viability of the business model and the quality of the presentation by a panel [...]

WBIS is back – third edition planned for January 2017

February 22nd, 2016|

Following the events in Brussels and Munich in 2013 and 2014 respectively, the third edition of the Wine Business Innovation Summit is slatted for January 2017 in the city it was first created, Brussels. After a two-year break, the time has come to launch a new edition of WBIS. The break has given the organisers, (Faye Cardwell & Marc Roisin), [...]

Previous #WBIS editions

“I love the experience… WBIS actually provides me with one place to meet all the big movers and shakers in the European wine market”

Rich Tomko, CEO at Snooth
“To get into the European wine market, you really need to understand what it needs so from WBIS you can go home with ideas, suggestions and advice”
Piero Sfrisio, Wine Producer at Sfrisio, Italy
“The networking itself has been fabulous and worth the ticket by itself”
Ryan Opaz, Verazon, DWCC
“Most notably wine is being recognized as part of … people’s lives, lifestyle if you will. Every single session has been putting wine into context into people’s lives… that’s certainly the most innovative part of the event.”
Damien Wilson, Director of MSc Wine Business, Burgundy School of Business
“What we’ve seen this time (at WBIS 2014) is a gradual dawning of the understanding that the consumer is at the heart of everything and in the wine industry that’s new”
Robert Joseph, The Wine Thinker
“Inspiration comes from exchange, the more you give, the more you get back”
Finkus Bripp, Multimedia Specialist for Wine Industry, Germany
“I have to say that I’m going home with a lot of positive creative energy and important contacts”
Camilla Rossi Chauvenet, Owner Massimago (Wine Producer, Italy)
“To all those students who are considering whether or not to come to WBIS … make sure you come because you may regret it if you don’t for the rest of your business career”
Damien Wilson, Director of MSc Wine Business, Burgundy School of Business

WBIS 2014 in Munich

WBIS 2013 in Brussels

#WBIS Team

Faye CardwellFaye Cardwell starting working in wine in 2004 when she was living in Verona. After seven years of travelling the world organising events for Vinitaly and numerous Italian consortia, she moved to Belgium where she stated her own events and PR company.  After the first edition of WBIS in 2013, she moved to Munich and continues to help wineries, regions and consortia develop their marketing activities.  Her strong organisational skills are a great asset to WBIS.

Marc Roisin AgainMarc Roisin has two passions in life – wine and business. Marc combined the two when he set up in 2007. This review-based on-line wine guide helps wine drinkers find the perfect bottle for all occasions. Marc has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is regularly active in business think-tanks. He is always interested in new projects related to wine, especially those that sell the right wine to the right consumer. He brings lots of humour, business acumen and innovative ideas to the WBIS organisation.